The strong intersection between the U and the UC in social networks by Juan Tagle

After the suspension of the match between Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile for the revenge of the Chilean Cup quarterfinals, tempers were on fire between the two institutions, something that It was revealed on social networks this Friday night.

The crossing began after Juan Tagle, president of Cruzados, will comment on Twitter the sayings of the blue technician Sebastian Miranda lamenting the reaction of the people of the UC.

The helmsman of the Fringe team wrote “I’m sorry that the DT was not well informed, but the first thing we did together with the Sports Manager when the game ended was to go to the visiting dressing room to ask about the state of Martín (Parra) and we were there until they took him from the stadium”.

From the U they were not satisfied with this publication and responded: “Mr. Tagle, if you were near our locker room, it was when you stood outside the umpires’ door.. We saw him, but he did not ask our President, Gte, about Martín. General, Gte. Deportivo or DT, who often passed by his side. His concern did not reach the campus.”

The official Cruzados account came out to defend the president and noted: “Enough of so much misrepresentation and inaccuracies. Indeed, our President went to the door of the dressing room with our Gte. Deportivo and asked several members of the staff about the player’s health. They remained there until they took Martín Parra away.”

The defense of the Crusaders did not stop there and they pointed out: “They never saw the referees, they did ask to speak with the president of U. de Chile, but he did not leave the dressing room. We close this poor controversy with your institutional account. Each one will draw their conclusions and what objectives they pursue behind these actions.”