The strong fall of Karen Doggenweiler at the beginning of the Telethon

The cheerleader told in the live broadcast that after the show at the opening, gasoline was left on the floor and she slipped.

A great circus overture show had the Telethon 2022 this Friday night.

After the spectacular beginning, the animators and animators of the national TV took the stage to join the solidary crusade, it was during those first minutes that Karen Doggenweiler suffered a heavy fallwhich almost knocked her out of space.

As detailed by the cheerleader, who told live what had happened to her, was liquid on stagewhich caused him to slip.

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Be careful there because there is gasoline, I already fellI already bought the studio and the apartment,” he said with a laugh.

Later, in conversation with DNAthe communicator specified that “Was strong. There was gasoline left over from the overture… from the number of the fire“.

For his part, Martín Cárcamo, who helped her stand up, added that “he fell very badly, he was in a lot of pain. We got altiro ibuprofen for the pain.”

This was the Pailita and Polimá show at Telethon 2022