The story of Breel Embolo: hero of the Swiss triumph against Cameroon and scorer of the saddest goal in his personal history

The image of Breel Embolo apologizing traveled the world. The author of the exclusive goal for Switzerland against Cameroon has a particular one with the African country. That is why he did not celebrate the conquest, despite the importance of adding his first celebration in a World Cup.

And it is that the life of the forwards has these things. The tireless search for the goal can be faced with a life story that marks the history of the players themselves.

This was the case with the Helvetian, who Despite having European nationality, due to the whims of his biography, he was born in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital. His parents separated when Breel was very young.

The mother left for France to study, but there she fell in love with a Swiss man and the woman with her two children moved to the Mediterranean country.

An incipient striker who began to dazzle from a very young age in the lower divisions of Basel and today plays for the Monaco from Francewhere he is a partner of Chilean Guillermo Maripan.

In 2015, the Cameroon coach called him to play for the shrimp team, but the young Donald – as he is nicknamed – decided on the Swiss team.

But the player has never forgotten his family and his origins. So much so that, whenever time permits, he travels to visit his grandparents on the other continent.

“There I can disconnect, but also have a good time. Also, it is important for me not to forget the differences that exist between the two places.” said the attacker in an interview in Switzerland a couple of years ago.

At 17, shortly after making his Champions League debut against real Madridreceived the nationality of his host country. Embolo in Russia 2018, but in Qatar 2022 his time has come.

Somehow, the striker knew this World Cup would be special, especially when his team was drawn against the nation of his birth 25 years ago. For this reason, in the preview of the duel, he did not hesitate to clarify his emotions.

“If I score I will try not to celebrate. But soccer is a sport of emotions. If I celebrate it, it won’t be against my native country, but because I want to win. It’s a very, very special match for me and my whole family. Because it’s a bit like a conflict. There will be a lot of emotion throughout this duel, ”he said in the preview, anticipating that graph that toured the world on the fifth day of this World Cup.

A mixture of emotions that came to Embolo’s head when he pushed the pass from Xherdan Shaqiri. A whim of history that has him as the protagonist of what will be the saddest goal in his history.