The story behind Eduardo Vargas’ no to the University of Chile

At Universidad de Chile there has always been the desire to repatriate Eduardo Vargas. The Chilean striker, who shone as the figure of the team during the Jorge Sampaoli era, even winning the award for top scorer in the 2011 Copa Sudamericana, is one of the footballers who every season excites student fans with his return to La Cisterna . more when Eugenio Mena, the other footballer who was looking to repatriate, ended up signing at Universidad Católica, the classic rival

The truth is that a few weeks ago, in Azul Azul they offered the two-time American champion to return to the U for the 2023 season, according to information collected by El Deportivo. The idea of ​​the concessionaire was to hit the market. This is why the leadership consulted Fernando Felicevich, his representative, about the option of smoothing his arrival at the U.

The operation was not easy. In April 2022, Turboman renewed with Atlético Mineiro until December 2024, with a high salary that is not paid in Chile. In favor of the concessionaire was the record that the attacker was not having a good time in recent months at his club.

In memory was when the attacker was rebuked by the fans for his poor performance. They accused him of little commitment to the club. He had been sent off against Palmeiras, a few minutes after entering, in the elimination of the Belo Horizonte team in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores.

“The fans are the club’s greatest asset. Respect the Gaul. You go out at night. If it’s night, we’ll look for you. We know you go to several clubs”, the fans told him at the start of training. “If you are not satisfied, you can ask to walk,” they added. Hulk, his partner, interceded. “It is not a lack of attitude, nor of will. Every game we give our best, we create innumerable goal chances, the only thing left is that between the ball and the victories they will come back, you have to trust us and we will trust you”, he said.

Eduardo Vargas went from that moment to the list of those cut by the club. He added few minutes. And in an interview revealed the depression that affected him during those months. “After the expulsion, I fell into depression. I felt like I didn’t want anything. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to go to the supermarket. Even my children came on the weekend”said the battering ram. “I am focused on reversing this whole situation. Try, in these last three months, to be summoned again and show all the desire I have to change the situation. And then the club will say if I’m okay. If they want me, I’ll stay.”

Beyond his difficult moment in Brazil, Eduardo Vargas responded negatively to the offer of the U. He warned that he has no plans to return to Chile. He discussed it with those closest to him, who recommended that he continue playing outside the country. His decision was supported by the idea of ​​his agent, who does not agree that the soccer players should return to Chile to retire. “I don’t see it as a necessary step. They have nothing to close. They had some wonderful races. The end of the career in the club of his loves is not a step that seems mandatory or necessary to me, ”he said Felicevich in an interview with El Deportivo.

His decision, however, seems to have been correct. Today Vargas has a renaissance in Brazil that has earned him recognition of his team’s partiality. He has three goals in as many games. Even a couple of days ago, Cuca, The Atlético Mineiro strategist acknowledged that the player was on the dismissal list.

In football everything changes, right? Until recently he was on the dismissal list, but today he is gone. Everything changes, everything changes”, the Brazilian strategist began by pointing out. “Vargas prepared well and today he is a warrior on the field, who runs, fights, fights for the ball and opens spaces, makes diagonals and heads. We are very happy with him, ”she closed.