“The State will be there with a loan of 15 million euros”, announces Roland Lescure

Rising gas prices, explosion of electricity bills… French companies will not have been spared in 2022. As a result, entire industrial sectors find themselves destabilized, like the glass giant Duralex. “Unfortunately, to make glasses, you have to consume a lot of gas and electricity.”

To limit damage, the company has decided to turn off its ovens this winter. The State, aware of the risk of social damage in the event of a prolonged shutdown of the production chains, has therefore decided to act. “I will announce this afternoon that the State is there, and that we are going to make a loan of 15 million euros to accompany Duralex”, explains the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry, Roland Lescure.

“Spend the Winter”

“These 15 million will literally allow them to spend the winter,” he continues. “What’s a shame is that the business was recovering. So Duralex was making money at the start of 2022. And this energy shock was a drag on a business that was recovering. Our focus now , it is to accompany this recovery, to spend the winter and to make sure that we will continue for years to look at the age at the bottom of the Duralex glasses”, remains optimistic the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry.

But the government does not want to focus only on Duralex. Another sector particularly affected: printing works. Faced with the paper and energy crisis, printers have seen their bills drastically increase. “The bill has quadrupled between 2021 and 2022 for the printer Maury, going from 5 to 20 million euros in just one year”, underlines Roland Lescure.

Up to 150 million euros in aid… Under conditions

To avoid the closure of the company, the State will release aid of 10 million euros, “thanks to the new State system. All energy-intensive companies, i.e. which consume a lot of This aid can go up to 50 million euros, or even, in very specific cases, for companies exposed to international competition, up to 150 million euros.”

“But for all the other companies, there is an extremely simple safety net available on the Internet and the aid of which can go up to 4 million euros. And for Maury, indeed, it will be 12 million euros at the total. That is to say about a third of the energy bill”, he concludes.