The startup JoiPaw creates video games for dogs that, in addition to entertaining, help fight canine dementia

MADRID, Nov. 7 (Portaltic/EP) –

the startup joipaw has launched an initiative consisting of the creation of a series of video games for dogs focused, not only on their entertainment, but also on the collection of results that help the study of dementia of these animals.

As described by the founder of joipawDersim Avdar, the project combines cognitive and physical stimulation in the form of a console “custom built for dogs”. Specifically, it is a portable device and a software platform that tracks the health indicators of the animal in question.

In this way, if any abnormal behavior is detected in the animal, JoiPaw launches a warning that is shared with the vet to get a better diagnosis. “Your dog can play stimulating video games tailored to his needs, and you can see how well he’s doing or even compete with your neighbor’s dog,” Avdar explains.

According to studies carried out by the Cornell Universitydementia in dogs (canine cognitive dysfunction) can appear in the 35 percent of canine cases over eight years old. In addition, it is detected through symptoms such as confusion, slowness to learn new tasks, changes in sleep patterns, abnormal barking or incontinence, among others.

In this sense, the lack of mental stimulation is one of the problems that accentuates this disease in dogs. The welfare of the animal requires develop their cognition and be entertainedfor this, from JoiPaw they assure that their video games help “live a healthier life” and “show the world how intelligent dogs are”, according to its founder.