The special gift of Cata Vallejos for Fernanda Hansen in La Divina Comida: Denise Rosenthal was involved

This Saturday a new chapter of The Divine Food which included the participation of Cata Vallejo, Fernanda Hansen, Cristián Peerce and Germán Codina.

The journalist was the second to receive the guests and, at the time of delivering the gifts, she received an emotional surprise from the influencer.

Vallejo gave Fernanda a special present, which was also thought of the communicator’s little daughter.

the special gift

“I know that you like him, he does a lot of things with your daughter, and I know that you two share this as fanaticism. So it seemed like a good little gift to me”, commented the influencer before giving him the present.

After this, Fernanda opened the package and it was a vinyl of the national singer Denise Rosenthal, along with two shirts of the artist: one for her and one for my daughter.

“He is going to die! Tomorrow my daughter’s face will be lit up, ”commented Fernanda very excited.

But that was not all, since Cata also had a “bonustrack” and had prepared another special surprise for Fernanda and her daughter. The influencer took out a tablet and showed her a video of Denise made for the journalist and her offspring.

The Divine Food (CHV)

“Hello Fer. How are you? I wanted to take advantage of sending you this video to tell you how much I admire you. I send you a hug and a kiss, very very tight. You have such genuine energy and love with your daughter that I adore. Truly, it is wonderful and I hope that they continue to cultivate a lot of experiences together, they deserve the best, “said Denise Rosenthal in the record.

After seeing the video, Fernanda expressed that “I am deeply moved.” The communicator highlighted the lyrics of the singer’s female empowerment songs, which her daughter liked very much.

“For Women’s Day, Denise went to play at the radio station where I work, Radio Imagina, so I took her (her daughter) by surprise and saw Denise…”, said Fernanda.

Along the same lines, he added that “Denise, patiently, calmly explaining. So she makes different videos every day for me to send to Denise.”

“I was moved because I imagined my daughter’s face tomorrow (…) and told her ‘my love, Denise, she sent you a message,'” she said behind the camera.