The somersault of the president of the Disciplinary Court that favored the UC and harmed the U

Last week one of the most embarrassing episodes of the season in Chilean football was experienced: the attacks with flares and pyrotechnics on the goalkeeper of the University of Chile, Martín Parra, which caused the suspension of the university classic in Valparaíso.

A chapter that began to be disputed before in the second room of the Disciplinary Court. There it was decided to accept the order not to innovate presented by the Catholic University to dispute the duel with the public, despite the punishment he had received just a couple of weeks earlier for the incidents against Auda Italiano: two games behind closed doors.

Taking into account the decision of the second room in favor of Cruzados, the U made exactly the same request and thus postpone the punishment that prevented him from receiving Audax Italiano with the public. The result, however, was different: the order not to innovate was denied.

How did this situation come about? The Secretary of the Second Chamber, Cristián Garcia, in conversation with La Tribuna Deportes confirmed that “there was a change of criteria” on the part of Stefano Pirola, president of the organization and who is also a representative of the Catholic University (a practice that extends to all clubs.

When in doubt about whether he should be disqualified given his status as leader of the UC ski branch, and his closeness to the San Carlos de Apoquindo club. Garcia responds. “He understands that he has no problems, that’s why he participated in the debate and the decision, and that cannot be blamed, it is his decision.”

Voting with different criteria

Thus came the time for the vote to see if the order not to innovate presented by the UC for the classic was accepted and thus be able to play with the public. The vote ended 2-2, however, as the vote of the president -Stefano Pirola- has more strength, the tie was finally settled in favor of Cruzados.

Days later, the exact same vote took place for the order presented by the U, on which occasion Pirola voted against. “For the UC issue, we made him see that due to the background we had we had to reject the request, but he decided to vote differently.”