The Sims 4 Game News: Baby Update, New Expansion Packs… All The Sims Summit Announcements!

The Sims 4: Baby Update, New Expansion Packs… All The Sims Summit Announcements!

The team of The Sims 4 has revealed some images of the upcoming additions to the life simulation game in 2023. On the agenda are two new expansion packs, a well-deserved update for babies, and some surprises for fans of custom content.

A first look at the content that will arrive in 2023

During the Behind the Sims SummitPhill Ring, the executive producer of The Sims 4, has not said anything about the next Roadmap of the game. However, he wanted to share some elements of conceptual art regarding the two expansion packs to be released in 2023. Because yes, it seems that the developers have returned to good habits and intend to offer us more packages next year ! In the program, two new worlds to explore alone… or with others, since one of the next addons will probably focus on family lifeLike The Sims 3: Generations:

Between the false teeth on the glass, the baby hanging from his mother’s back, and the decorations reminiscent of some of the objects in The Sims 4: High School years, a pack focused on the different stages of life of the Sims seems to be on the horizon. Especially since the broadcast ended with footage of a baby moving out of his crib, even though he’s been locked up in it since 2014 ! The furniture seen behind him also adds to the cluster of clues: seen the park Y fox themed objectsBaby Sims are in for a treat in 2023. Based on The Sims 4’s history of additions, it’s not unlikely that a baby update makes its appearance in the base game before the next expansion pack is released. And according SimGuruFrostone of the Sims community managers, this package should arrive in the first months of 2023 :

That’s all we’ve heard of future The Sims 4 packs so far, but a very special announcement about personalized content caught our attention:

A portal for custom content and mods

Lyndsay Pearson, the vice president of creative franchise for The Sims, has announced creating a portal to host mods and custom content for The Sims 4. According to her, this tool would allow players to safely download developer-approved mods, without any risk in terms of malware or damaged saves. This is unprecedented in The Sims, and is a definitive explanation for the changes to the custom content terms of use this summer, which reinforced the rules regarding the publication of third-party contentallowing only early access for a limited period, and formally prohibiting paywallsor content only available for money.

The Sims 4: Baby Update, New Expansion Packs... All The Sims Summit Announcements!The Sims 4: Baby Updates, New Expansion Packs... All The Sims Summit Announcements!

This portal will be produced In collaboration with overwolfa technology platform that allows third-party developers (or modders) to create and distribute mods for games. According to Lyndsay Pearson, some of the top creators in the community will post their works to the platform at its launchas the creator of personalized content HeyHarrieWhat does he propose? complete sets of modern furniture and decoration objects and is inspired by the furniture that can be found in popular stores such as Ikea. No release date has been communicated yet, but we should have news about this tool by the end of the year !