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It may be the dream of many, but only if you first agree to put a very strange gadget in your mouth. This is the Mutalk, a Japanese invention that promises to put an end to the uncomfortable screaming and screaming.

A Japanese tech company has come up with a creative solution for all those who talk loudly when they shouldn’t, but this one is kind of weird.

The invention is called Mutalk and it is a Bluetooth mouthpiece that “silences” users who speak through it. Developed by Shiftall, the Mutalk looks a bit like to a virtual reality headset that is placed over the mouth.

works according to a principle first described more than 160 years ago, called the Helmholtz resonator: Basically, the device is designed to create a pocket of air pressure in the interior cavity, that prevents sound frequencies from escaping through the air hole.

Indeed, Mutalk muffles the user’s speech by -20 decibels, or down to -30 decibels for the loudest noises. According to Shiftall, not even people sitting next to the user will be able to hear what they say. And yes, the padded part where you spit is washable.

mutalk can connect to Apple and Android phones, and Windows and iOS computers and laptops, via Bluetooth or the headphone jack. It charges via USB-C, and apparently has a battery life of up to eight hours of use.

This should help block out background noise from those noisy places, so people on the other end of the line can only hear you. It can also be useful for chatting or playing games late at night without waking up the family.

The device works in a couple of ways. If you are going to talk a lot, you can use the handsfree and put it on your face. But if you’re just going in and out, you can bring it up to your mouth when you need it and leave it on the table when you don’t.

However, it doesn’t seem very comfortable to wear, as well as looking too conspicuous. For all this, its commercial success does not seem assured.

Shiftall has a video showing how Mutalk blocks out background noise for those on the call, and there is a live demo of what people around the user actually hear. And, the truth, it works.

Shiftall says that he will start sending the units of Mutalk from November or December, and it will cost 19,900 yen (about 130 euros to change).

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