“The sanctions have not yet been determined, but this is going to be stronger for us”

This Tuesday, the coach of U. de Chile, Sebastian Miranda, spoke at a press conference and referred to the controversial meeting between Ronnie Fernández and Cristóbal Campos last weekend.

“Indeed, there was an episode on Saturday, It happened in our training so we are doing it internally, it is not for me to go into details, but unfortunately the acts of violence today are very normal”, recognized the DT of the U.

Along the same lines, the blue technician stated that acts of violence “are not normal, but they do happen in a group of 30 people like the one we are. There are frictions, there is a difference of thoughts, a lot has happened in other places, it does not mean that it is good, on the contrary, it is bad. I spoke with the people involved and we will take the necessary measures.”