The sad end of Cristiano: cut off from Manchester until further notice… and looking for a way out?

The scene, which has been repeated in practically all the last commitments that Manchester United have sustained during this cycle, cost Cristiano Ronaldo dearly. The Portuguese striker, last Wednesday, could not bear another game sitting on the bench. His gestures of disapproval of the decisions of the Dutch coach Erik Ten-Hag were in crescendo, until shortly after the end he chose to go to the dressing room.

An unexpected crisis for one of the greatest in history, who had to go out and apologize after his “rude”:

“I always try to be an example for young people in all the teams I have represented. However, it is not always possible and the “heat of battle” takes away the best of us, unfortunately, “El Bicho acknowledged in a text by way of forgiveness.

But that seems not to be enough for his coach. Ten-Hag set him aside ahead of the Red Devils’ clash with Chelsea, and the board agrees with that decision. In fact, according to English media such as The Mirror Y The Sunthe Portuguese will not only miss the game but will also have to pay a millionaire fine of between 720 thousand and one million pounds.

The worst, in any case, is what could follow. Nobody ensures that after having abandoned his teammates in the victory against Tottenham, the Dutchman will once again have CR7. Although United’s next game, after visiting Stamford Bridge, will be against Sheriff for the Europe League, a competition where he had been adding minutes, now there are not a few who believe that the Portuguese will remain out of the team.

Luckily for Cristiano, sooner rather than later, the World Cup in Qatar is coming, where he will surely lead the Portugal team, a place where he feels much more protected. But then what next? That’s what they ask in England. Already the last transfer market was impossible for the Portuguese to leave, which sounded in Bayern Munich and Atlético de Madrid, among others, clubs that however were not able to face his high salary. El Bicho earns something like half a million pounds a week…

According to Guardianfrom Manchester United they consider the possibility of offering him the payment of half of the salary of what is owed to him, about eight million pounds, to activate the exit operation.

Meanwhile, Ten-Hag doesn’t seem to be worried about the stage: “I’m very happy with my players. Our performances are team. We see 11 attacking and 11 defending. I’m delighted with it”, he said after the win over Tottenham.