The rivals that await Chile on their way to the Davis Cup Finals

The classification of the Chilean Davis Cup team to the playoffs (known as Qualifiers) to access the Davis Cup Finals opens a new challenge for Nicolás Massú’s leaders, who will seek to return to the highest court for the first time since 2019when after beating Austria they won the ticket to the group stage, then falling in their presentations against Argentina and Germany.

Between February 3 and 5, 2023, the next phase will be played, where all the squads that surpassed their World Group I qualifiers will participate. That is, Austria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to Chile. Added to them are those eliminated in the group stage of the Finals: Sweden, Argentina, South Korea, Serbia, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Kazakhstanin addition to the four that fall in the quarterfinals in November, which they will play Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, the United States, Canada and Germany. The organization must also define what will be the wild Card, so eventually some of the most dangerous rivals will not play this stage.

Of all these possibilities, the only certainty is that the national squad will not be seeded in the confrontation in February, so they will have to wait for chance to find an approachable rival. Likewise, with several there is recent history, which will influence whether Massú’s squad plays at home or has to visit again.

Thus, Chile would receive Canada, Croatia, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, Slovakia and Austria. Except for the British, whom he last faced in 1983, he has faced all other rivals in the last 15 years.

Abroad, the Creole representative would have to measure himself against Czech Republic, United States and Australia. While to draw I would go with Spain, France, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Norway, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland and the Netherlands.

A loss at this stage will see Chile return to World Group I and have to play for promotion to the 2024 Qualifiers.

In Lima, Nicolás Massú had to deal with the absences of Christian Garin and Tomás Barrios, both due to injury, which forced him to reassemble the structure and summon Gonzalo Lama and Diego Fernández. However, for the February series, the captain should already have the full contingent to go in search of a return to the elite, although that will depend on the physical evolution of the absentees and their subsequent set-up.

“We have a spectacular team. Beyond whether you win or lose, this is a process. This continues regardless of what happens in the next game. We had to lose many series in a row and hard draws. Today we had a very complicated situation, since we could have won it in the fourth and we had to define in a fifth point. These situations help to strengthen and the boys showed it. I am very proud of them”said the double Olympic champion after the victory in the Peruvian capital.

Likewise, one of the positive news for him was the recovery of Nicolás Jarry, who is very close to the top 100 and is showing a good level, which enriches the variety of singles players. “He was number one in Chile for a long time and I had all the faith in him. I felt very calm. Whenever I have needed Nico Jarry, he has been ”, finished off

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