The revelation that Margot made to Antonia “without mincing words” and shook viewers of Hijos del Desierto

During a new episode of children of the desert (Mega), Antonia Williams (Paola Volpato) paid an unexpected visit to the singer Margot Le Blance (Paloma Moreno).

The artist was doing her first number at the Pirandelli cabaret when, after getting off the stage, she was approached by the wife of Gregorio Sanfuentes (Pancho Melo).

At that, both went to the dressing room to talk more privately, at which time Antonio asked Margot about her adventures in love.

“I can’t believe that a woman like you, with so many admirers, doesn’t have someone special,” she told him. “I mean, a boyfriend, suitor, or a lover, perhaps.”

Faced with this query, the singer told her that there was actually a person in her life, to which Antonia asked her to reveal the identity of that man.

“Antonia, you know very well who he is,” answered the other with all sincerity. “It’s Gregorio, your husband”, leaving the other stunned.

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