The revelation of the First B passes from the U: “I would like to be in the UC or Colo Colo”

Yorman Zapata was one of the most outstanding players in the campaign that ended with Magallanes as champion of the Primera B and returning to the highest categories after four decades of absence.

With four goals and 27 starts, the 22-year-old Colombian took a step forward in his career. One that hopes to consolidate 2023 with a leap that he already envisions. “I want to nationalize, since it is easier for them to hire me because I would not occupy a foreigner quota, I would like to be in Colo Colo or Catholic University. I dream of reaching the Chilean National Team.”

Zapata, yes, is not in a hurry. He is clear that the last step in the season is missing. “Now I am focused on Magallanes. After the Chile Cup I will analyze if there is an offer with my representative. I don’t know if Colo Colo wants to take me, “he said in a conversation with DirecTV Sports. He also reveals that “Catholic University is the owner of a percentage of my pass.”

The young man was unknown before this year, however, he landed in Chile a long time ago. “I did not play in America or in Deportivo Cali in Colombia for resources. I had no money for the tickets. I came to Chile because a representative was interested in me and brought me to the U20 of Universidad Católica”.

At that stage he coincided with Gustavo Quinteros. “Catholic’s inferiors have a lot of quality. When Quinteros was there, the assistant told me not to leave, but they couldn’t give me resources.”