The relegation calculator scares the U: the historical projection sinks the blues in the fight to get out of the B

the ominous numbers they once again predict an unthinkable scenario for Universidad de Chile: that of relegation to the second category, after 33 consecutive seasons in the first. Today, against Coquimbo Unido, starting at 3:30 p.m., the students will seek to annul the historical data that does not give them a chance to remain in the highest category of Chilean soccer.

Sporting projected the calculator of the last seven dates for the four teams that have the most options to descend, always with the score obtained according to the cast that exercised the locality. In addition to the blues, they are engaged Antofagasta, the serena Y United Coquimbo; precisely, the rival that the university students will have this Wednesday.

According to the results of the last three seasons, the same ones that have had the U team compromised in the last positions, the student cast would go down together with the papayeros. Here is the day-by-day analysis, according to the results of the last three National Tournaments.

University of Chile and United Coquimbo they equalize in their match, as happened in two of the last three years, since the nortinos were in B in 2021. Antofagasta wins O’Higgins as a visitor and La Serena loses at home against UC. Position table: Antofagasta 25, U 23, La Serena 21 and Coquimbo 20.

The blues equalize in their visit to Palestine, just like in the last three years. The Pumas tie with Curicó Unido in the north and the cast aurinegro as host defeats Audax Italiano. The papayeros lose again, this time against Unión, in Santiago. Antofagasta 26, University of Chile 24, Coquimbo Unido 23 and La Serena 21.

The Santiago team falls as host against Audax Italianoa team that also beat him last year. The maroon cast adds its third consecutive defeat, now in Curicó. His archrival falls in La Calera and the cast of Norte Grande draws at Huachipato’s house. Antofagasta 27, University of Chile 24, Coquimbo Unido 23 and La Serena 21.

The student cast draws in La Serena, in another key duel for not descending. The pirate team once again strikes a blow to permanence after the victory against Huachipato in the south. The Pumas add a point at home against Palestino. Antofagasta 28, Coquimbo Unido 26, Universidad de Chile 25 and La Serena 22.

The metropolitan cast returns to defeat, this time its executioner is visiting Everton. The garnet team achieves a valuable victory against Palestino, in the capital. The aurinegro team falls to Colo Colo in the Sánchez Rumoroso and the Second Region squad loses at home to the Union Spanish. Antofagasta 28, Coquimbo Unido 26, Universidad de Chile 25 and La Serena 25.

The blues are defeated by Huachipato, in Talcahuano, on the penultimate date. The papaya box cannot as a local against La Calera and ends up dejected. His archrival in the Fourth Region rescues a point against Union in Santa Laura. The Pumas fall at Everton’s home. Antofagasta 28, Coquimbo Unido 27, Universidad de Chile 25 and La Serena 25.

The cast university only equals at home against Cobresal. The pirate squad defeats Curicó Unid in the northor, while its regional rival loses in its visit to the Audinos. The cast of the Norte Grande falls at his house in front of the Catholic University. Coquimbo Unido 30, Antofagasta 28, University of Chile 26 and La Serena 25.

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