The release date of River City Girls 2 is known

More than three years after River City Girls, his suite is finally coming to our consoles. However, at the end of December it is known if the game developed by WayForward is as good as the first one, with the advantage of being able to play it in cooperation with its predecessor.

After an excellent first episode, in the form of a reboot of the River City Ransom franchise, the Californian developers of WayForward and the Japanese publisher Arc System Works have quickly set to work to prepare a sequel. Despite a delay that prevented the title from releasing in September as originally planned, River City Girls 2 will not be reruns a second time and will arrive before the end of the year.

Given the lack of communication between the two partners on the subject, it is finally the Xbox Store that tells us the new release date of the game. River City Girls 2 will arrive on December 15 coming soon in the Xbox Store. We will have to wait less than a month to see again the adventures of Kyoko and Misako, but also those of Kunio and Riki, without forgetting Marian and Provie, who complete the list. It can be said that, contrary to the first episode, this series allows it to be wasted in cooperation up to four playersboth online and offline.