The regeneration of the Red already has its great hope: six names

Mauricio Isla’s replacement in La Roja already has its main candidates. In recent friendlies Eduardo Berizzo has used Nayel Mehssatou, Juan Delgado and Guillermo Soto as a right back. All three have lived up to it.

Mehssatou played for that sector against Qatar and Korea. At 20 years old, he is one of the great promises of Chile. This is how they recognize it from within La Roja: “It is the most footballing, most complete project. He has reading of the game and technical quality”.

Delgado and Soto responded on the last tour, although they showed their differences: “Juan is a more offensive option, he has more arrivals and contributes in the centers. Guillermo is the best defense, aggressive, fast and forceful. We are in a regeneration and we are on the right track ”, they analyze from Juan Pinto Durán.

Soto started against Poland and played his first game for the National Team. Months ago, in dialogue with AS, Frank Darío Kudelka had nominated him as a replacement for Isla. The DT took him to Huracán.

The three mentioned players have delivered security for the future. Despite this, in La Roja they believe that they need more international participation from now on: “You don’t become a decisive footballer with one, two or three games. They need seven, eight or nine, and that’s where we are”, they point out.

To these footballers are added the projects of the Red Sub 23. In the list that was announced this week, Berizzo summoned Simón Ramírez, Jeyson Rojas, Bruno Gutiérrez and Jonathan Villagra, four players who already have experience in the First Division and who can play in that position.

Matías Fernández could also be an alternative for La Roja, but until now he has not received any call-up. La Roja analyzes multiple footballers and the South American champion with Independiente del Valle hopes to join this list.