The real story behind Netflix’s El Vigilante

MADRID, 17 Oct. (CultureLeisure) –

October 13 Netflix premiered The Vigilanteseries created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. The production is inspired by an article by Reeves Wiedeman which, in turn, is based on real facts.

The fiction recounts Brannock family historymoving to a new neighborhood and are harassed by someone who calls himself El Vigilante. Naomi Watts and bobby cannavale They play the couple Nora and Dean Brannock, based on real victims Maria and Derek Broaddus. For its part, mia farrow plays an eccentric neighbor accused of terrorizing the family.

The article by Reeves Wiedeman was published in 2018 and tells the true story of Derek and Maria Broaddus, a couple who in 2014 bought a house at 657 Boulevard in the idyllic suburb of Westfield, New Jersey. They hoped it would become their dream home, but when they began to renovate the property, received a disturbing letter.

The sender of the letter He identified himself as The Watcher. “657 Boulevard has been my family’s affair for decades, and as her 110th birthday approaches, I’ve been put in charge of watching and waiting,” the text read. “My grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched it in the 1960s. Now is my time. Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies within the walls of 657 Boulevard? Why What are you here?” he added.

The Vigilante also made reference to the couple’s children and asked them to fill the house with “young blood”. “You have children. I have seen them. So far I think there are three that I have counted,” it could be read. The Broadduses went to the police and were advised not to share the contents of the letters with their neighbours, as the police believed that most likely one of them had sent her.

It should be noted that, although it is based on a true story, the creators Many details have changed. “It’s been a very different experience for us because we were just the actors and Ryan has created very different details. I don’t know if my character existed in those people’s lives,” Farrow told the Radio Times. “The series covered the basic outline, but the details are Ryan Murphy’s. I don’t know who the family was. I don’t know if I ever did, but I feel sorry for them. I hope they don’t watch the series”he added.

An investigation leads the Broadduses to suspect that a neighbor in particular, Michael Langford, was the watcher due to the position of his house and his eccentric family. However, finally Was discarded as a suspect and the Broaddus they hired their own private detective to investigate the neighborhood. received a total of Three lettersand the second identified their children by name and nickname, including details that, according to the family, could only be known by someone who had been inside the house or very close to it.

As they continued their search, the Broaddus discovered that the previous ownersthe Woods, they had also received a letter just before moving in, but had had no problems in the 23 years they had lived in the house. The Broadduses attempted to sue the Wood family for failing to disclose that they had received a letter, but the case was dismissed. By then, however, the existence of El Vigilante had become known throughout the neighborhood.

Many theories arose, and on Reddit it was even claimed that El Vigilante lived within the walls of the house or that the Broaddus had sent the letters to themselves in an attempt to recover the financial losses of the purchase. They finally sold the house in 2019.

Although several investigations have been carried out by both the police and ex-FBI agents hired by the Broadusses, The Watcher was never found and remains unidentified. till the date. Netflix has made some changes to the spooky story, including changing the Broadusses’ first and last names. Also, in the series they only have two children and they appear to be older than the Broadusses when they bought the house.