The radical turn that sister Margarita would star in the next chapters of La Ley de Baltazar

the plot of Baltazar’s law (Mega) is at its most critical point so far, while the protagonist’s children have been learning the details about their lost half-brother, Lucas (Francisco Dañobeitía).

The big problem is that the boy’s biological mother is Margarita (Amparo Noguera), who had a fleeting encounter with Baltazar (Pancho Reyes) when he had a “deep vocational crisis” many years ago, to later give the offspring up for adoption.

Now, Mariano (Gabriel Cañas) was the first to find out that she is the mysterious woman who gave birth to Lucas, and her reaction has not been favorable. Amidst all this tension, the father has once again suffered another difficult moment of health.

With all this drama already unleashed, Mega released an advertisement that shows some of the programs that it will premiere during 2023, such as the return of Married with children, the premiere of game of illusions either Under the same roof (led by Rodrigo Sepúlveda).

In the midst of all these images, there is one that immediately stands out, as it shows Margarita in front of a lighted window while taking off her habit, hinting that she could soon leave her religious life behind.

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