The pressure of the U is removed and annuls a jewel of 300 million euros: “I felt comfortable”

The Red Sub 20 overwhelmed Brazil at the Municipal Stadium of La Pintana with a performance that, beyond the good collective performance, left many remarkable individual performances. One of them was that of Marcelo Morales (19). The Universidad de Chile left-back even gave an assist to Gabriel Norambuena that meant the first goal of the match and exhibited the best version of him, one that he has struggled to show consistently in the blue box.

“I felt very comfortable. I found that I played a good game overall”says the defender sincerely, in dialogue with As. The ’18’ of the National Team annulled Vitor Roque, finalist of the Copa Libertadores with Athletico Paranaense throughout the game and who has a clause of 300 million euros in the interest of the best teams in the world.

In addition, Morales went up frequently to collaborate in offensive work. In social networks the praise of the fans did not take long. He, however, prefers to give all the credit to the group.

– How do you assess the win against Brazil?

– We are happy with the result. I feel that the team has been growing with the training sessions, with the microcycles. I see a very united group, very dynamic. We know we only won a friendly, but I think we’re on the right track.

– What was the main virtue of the Red?

– We worked a lot on pressure, mainly on the central defenders. I find that that worked out perfectly for us the first half. In the second we went down a bit, due to fatigue, but it’s part of the game. I am happy with the steps we are taking.

– Will Sunday’s game be different?

– We want to face that match in the same way. We are going to attack and win it.