The powerful starting formation of Colo-Colo projected by Gustavo Quinteros with all his reinforcements

With several novelties, the Cacique’s tactical scheme would have, for the moment, five changes according to the last championship.

Although there are long weeks left before the transfer window ends, black and white He is still looking for alternatives to add Colo-Colo. In this preseason, despite the departure of several figures from the Eternal championGustavo Quinteros will have to move some pieces on the board.

For the moment, after what was used in the Plan Vital Championship 2022, the Chilean soccer monarch would have five substitutions. According to the last reported, with the arrival of Eric Wiemberg, Carlos PalaciosLeandro Benegas and the approaches with Matías Catalán and Miguel Merentiel/Javier Correathe Alba squad would be renewed for the start of the league.

In the first instance, Gustavo Quinteros for the Chilean Premier League must choose to place a youth who fulfills the task of contributing with the Sub 20 minutes. Vicente Pizarro is injured in the first instance, therefore, Alexander Oroz can fulfill the role of right winger and leave Agustín Bouzat relegated to the substitute bench.

Multiple changes are coming in the starting lineup of Colo-Colo

Colo-Colo formations nationally and internationally

Yes Carlos Palacios Y Leandro Benegas pass the medical examinations, added to Matías Catalán and the possible arrival of Michael Merentiel, This is how I would form Colo-Colo thinking about Creole football:

Brian Cortes in the bow; Matías Catalán, Emiliano Amor, Maximiliano Falcón and Erick Wiemberg in defense; Esteban Pavez, Leonardo Gil and Carlos Palacios in midfield; Alexander Oroz (Sub 20), Miguel Merentiel/Javier Correa and Agustín Bouzat (Vicente Pizarro can enter and La Joya play as a pointer)

And to play the Copa Libertadores, the World Cup player with the Bolivian team would have the following players in mind: Brian Cortes; Matías Catalán, Emiliano Amor, Maximiliano Falcón, Erick Wiemberg; Esteban Pavez, Leonardo Gil, Carlos Palacios; Agustín Bouzat, Miguel Merentiel/Javier Correa and Carlos Auzqui (international reinforcement to replace Gabriel Costa).

To begin closing the 2023 campus, Colo-Colo must fasten the arrival of Matías Catalanadded to the replacement of Juan Martin Lucero (Miguel Merentiel or Javier Correa have an advantage). In addition, the man from Santa Fe demanded yes or yes from a foreign reinforcement to replace the departure of Gabriel Costa, where in recent days interest in Carlos Auzqui has been reactivated.

What variations would you make albos and albas? whatThey like the scheme that the Cacique would have for 2023?