The player who conquered Berizzo: “He showed the quality of footballer he can be”

Eduardo Berizzo closed a difficult first year at the helm of La Roja. Without victories or great performances, the coach is clear that he will have to make a significant leap in quality in 2023, the year in which the Playoffs.

To achieve that goal, the first thing will be to cut the scoring drought. On the last tour of the season, DT could not count on Ben Brereton and turned to Diego Valencia against Poland and Diego Rubio against Slovakia, always accompanied by Alexis Sánchez.

At balance time, the current Colorado Rapids striker finished in better footingand. “Today he showed the quality of footballer that he can be. He came from an important break in the MLS, and he embedded himself in the team, he got into the dynamics. He showed how dangerous he was on the edge of the area and inside the area, ”Berizzo praised him after the match.

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Despite not converting, the footballer who went through Colo Colo allowed Chile to improve a key aspect for DT. “Diego’s defensive performance helped us put pressure on the rival field. The other day, when playing against a back three, two attackers can put pressure. Today, before four, he demanded that the band be laid down. He had a sacrificial match”.

Rubio thus earns the possibility of a new summons. A signal that Berizzo reaffirmed in his message. “He could do the same with Guillermo Soto in the first game, with Juan Delgado in the second. Of the young people who join. The soccer core of the adult team is beginning to be defined. We take positive conclusions”.