The player who appears as the new possible kicker of penalties in Colo-Colo

El Cacique lost the Super Cup in a penalty shootout, however, that is not new and it has a long negative history in that area.

Colo-Colo lost the Super Cup to Magallanes in a penalty shootout by 4 to 3. Stephen Pavez (shot over the crossbar) and Maximilian Falcon (The goalkeeper saved) were the two players who failed the definition. Besides, Eric WiembergLeandro Benegas and Jordhy Thompson they enrolled with their conquests.

This situation is nothing new in the Albos. And it is that last year Cacique was the second team with the worst performance in that statistic, only being surpassed by Antofagasta, a squad that failed four times. For his part, the Eternal Champion had eleven shots from the twelve steps in the National Championship (the one who kicked the most), erring in three chances with three different authors: Gabriel Costa, Juan Martin Lucero and Leonardo Gil. In addition, Gato himself missed another for the Copa Libertadores.

Due to this, in Colo-Colo They are already beginning to wonder about the new manager in this matter, since both the Peruvian team and the Argentine attacker no longer belong to their ranks, who were the designated managers.

Maximiliano Falcón was one of the two players who missed his shot from twelve steps against Magallanes for the Super Cup.

A new penalty taker?

In that sense it is in the Cacique they should look for an expert who takes responsibility for kicking from the twelve steps and who, in addition, has a high conversion rate.

For this reason, according to these indicators, Leandro Benegas is emerging as the ideal candidate to take on this task. And it is that according to the statistics delivered by the site specialized in statistics, sofascorethe attacker has taken over five penalties in his career, turning allwhich gives you a 100% effective.

However, everything indicates that the former Unión La Calera It would not be the starting center forwardTherefore, on many occasions, he would not be available to assume responsibility.

In the second line appears Leonardo Gilwho is the owner of the balls stopped in the era of Gustavo Quinterosexcept for penalties. However, the ‘Colorado’ has launched three balls stopped inside the area in Colo-Colo, only scoring once.

On the other hand, with the possible ‘nine’ that they expect to arrive at the Monumental Stadium, there is not a very good background either. And it is that Michael Merentiel He has never been in charge of penalties and only has a poor record: During his football career, he only took charge of a penalty when he was defending the Defensa y Justicia shirt, which he finally ended up wasting.

As can be seen, the coach from Santa Fe will have a lot of work to be able to choose his new ‘expert’ in balls from twelve steps.