The photo that would confirm the alleged romance of Chris Evans with Alba Baptista

The most eligible bachelor of hollywood he will finally leave his bachelorhood aside, a new romance for the actor is rumored Chris Evans with the model Alba Baptista.

Weeks ago the alleged relationship was a trend on social networks, with the testimony of a source close to them who stated: “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. Her family and her friends adore her.«.

However, this caused surprise among the actor’s fans who expected some photos, but the news in the end could never have evidence for more credibility. Let’s also remember that this happens a few weeks after being announced Chris Evans What the most handsome man on the planetAccording to the magazine People.

Well, a few days after the rumor emerged, in the end the couple were seen very close together walking through the center parkin New Yorktrying to go unnoticed by people wearing masks and dark glasses.

But as expected this did not work and the fans who were walking around could realize who it was, of course they went on to photograph them holding hands and enjoying themselves.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the couple is happy so far, she with 25 yearsand he with 41 years. The actor is no longer afraid of generating loving comments on his girlfriend’s social networks Alba Baptista.