“The people live deceived”: Dr. File tells the firm about the hidden message of Daddy Yankee’s goat

Cristián Contreras, better known as Doctor File, delved into the theory proposed by tarot card reader Latife Soto, who stated that Daddy Yankee worshiped during the show he performed at the National Stadium. In fact, the little witch assured that the Puerto Rican singer drained the energy of the attendees who filled the ñuñoino venue.

Aware of these statements, the doctor of philosophy recalled that “the controversy begins with the image that opens the Daddy Yankee concert a week ago: a goat.”

“Take a good look. A goat with red eyes, with spots that look like blood and that, in the end, spits at the public, symbolically”, commented the journalist in his recent broadcast of Youtube.

Later, he revealed that “after the concert some people wrote to me and said ‘doctor, I went to the concert and this image had a great impact on me, I didn’t like it’. Well, that’s how it all started.”

“The controversy was unleashed by Latife Soto, since she was the one who denounced that this image is part of a satanic ritual and maintained that many singers are from MK Ultra, and that is where things start to get interesting, since MK Ultra is a mind control program that the US developed between 1950 and 1973. One of the experiments was used in music, precisely. According to the complaint, this was done by Daddy Yankee because he has to worship his biggest boss, explicitly and transparently, “he continued.

In case you doubt it, he stressed: “Daddy Yankee, according to Latife Soto, would have to worship him and that is why this great ritual is performed where the energy is drained.”

The doubts of Dr. File

However, Dr. File raised the following questions: “If it is a simple goat… Why did he give it red eyes? Is it not, instead of a goat, the male goat? And another question: Who will be the greatest of all time? Will it be Daddy Yankee or the male goat?

Later, he proceeded to explain: “The male goat symbolizes the fundamental protagonist of contemporary Satanism, owner -according to these beliefs of darkness- and creator of this world.”

“Today, in the 21st century, this true tradition can be synthesized into three great trends: traditional Satanism, atheistic Satanism and political Satanism,” he said.

“Nobody knows who she works for”

He then specified that “what the goat symbolizes is hedonism, the search for the greatest possible individual pleasure; the other is materialism; the third symbolism is individualism, that is why the spit would mean indifference to the entire public that was there; the fourth symbolism of the male goat is antitheism; the fifth is the apotheosis; and the last symbolism of the male goat is what is called extreme voluntarism”.

Finally, by way of reflection, Contreras pointed out that “nobody knows who he works for. And perhaps, doing these shows with the goat, instead of draining the energies towards positivity, virtues, wisdom and love, perhaps it is draining it towards what we have seen today. Because the peoples live deceived by the master of matter”.