The particular detail that drew attention after the appearance of Javiera Acevedo in PH: generated a wave of comments

A particular situation drew attention in this Friday’s chapter of Podemos Hablar, which was attended by Javiera Acevedo.

And as soon as she set foot in the studio, the actress caused a stir among the viewers who were watching the Chilevisión star at that time.

Just like that, because the lace was dropped on the set along with her two puppies: “Negro” and “Piki”. “You break a record, the first person to enter PH not with just one puppy, with two,” joked the animator Jean Philippe Cretton.

“They are my buses, part of my life. They raised my baby, almost ”, she revealed in reference to Kai, her blessing.

“Anyone who has a dog and a bus arrives at home knows what I’m talking about. It’s something magical. They protect him since he is in the wadding ”, Javi added about the bond between her pets and her little son.


However, this situation was far from happening in the cyber world, where several did not miss the opportunity to give their opinion on the matter.

“Luckily Javiera doesn’t have chickens or ducks as pets, I imagine them hue… in the studio”, “it’s nothing to see that she takes her dogs” and “joke? I mean… Saying ‘I don’t know if I’ll love my son more than my dogs’… Wtf???”, were just some of the criticisms she received in the cyber world.

Of course, there were still some users who came out to lend him clothes.

“It was to be expected that on Twitter there would be an abundance of whiners… because there are some dogs in the studio. You are at home, you are not producers or guests and you are crying… you are very inattentive” and “I went in to see whose puppies were, and I already found out. I did not think it bothered them so much and unless it was a reason for insults, they went too far ”, could be read in the cyber world.