The parents of the Hitman spin-offs disassociate themselves from Japan

We were all surprised by the news last May of the sale of Square Enix Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group. The European group brought together more studios on the continent under its name, while Square Enix “got rid” of development teams that had performed somewhat less than expected. Now, with its separation from its parent company, Square Enix Montreal has changed the name.

The Canada-based team is known for its work in Hitman GO, Hitman: Sniper either Lara Croft GO, minor games from the SE franchises that were released for mobile and, at some point, PC. As shared by the study itself in a official statementthis represents a new beginning in the history of the team that will be called Onoma henceforth.

“Our new brand identity will serve as an umbrella for multiple products, programs and initiativeseach with different personalities”, adds Patrick Naud at the head. Of course, that “new beginning” that they anticipate has not hinted at what new associations or under what IPs, in case there is any renowned one, they will launch their next games .

Of course, they emphasize that although they have lost the name of Square Enix, they are still the same team as always. “A studio”, as they add, “that promotes creativity and innovation and always puts people before products. (Only in a new and improved version!)”.

A team that has been something “abandoned” by Square Enix with a period of up to 6 years without any development. In 2016 they brought to the market Deus Ex GOunder the same approach of offering a well-known IP under a slightly more relaxed layer, and until this year they have not launched Hitman Sniper: The Shadows Y Tomb Raider Reloadedboth under the trademarks already acquired by Embracer.