The ordeal that a young man who tattooed Messi on his face is experiencing: my life changed negatively

A wave of wild and wild celebrations left Argentina’s great triumph in the World Cup in Qatar, where they were crowned world champions.

Given this, a Colombian fan named Mike Jambs did something crazy and tattooed the name “Messi” on his face to remember and praise one of the great emblems of football.

Several weeks have passed since the influencer made this gesture, and apparently Jambs is sorry for the consequences.

The consequences

This is how he told it in an interview with the trans-Andean media TyC Sport. “I am sorry for having gotten the tattoo, for having done that, instead of bringing me positive things, thousands of negative things came, both personally and in the family.”

“They just say that I am not a positive example for society. I want to remove the tattoo, because my life has changed negatively and I am living a nightmare. I don’t know what a procedure like that is like, ”she commented.