The ordeal far from Chile of a former U and UC: “I ate only bread and they assaulted me with weapons”

Nicholas Palma (28) He talked to AS about his successful time in the minor categories of Chilean soccer and told about his hard exit from the two clubs that trained him as a player.

“After the U, I no longer wanted to play football”, express. However, he persevered and continued his career as a professional soccer player, passing through clubs such as Lo Barnechea, Unión Casablanca, Trasandino and Santiago Morning.

Although he played several games in the ‘Chago’ of ‘Clavito’ Godoy, Nicolas Palma decided to turn his career around and leave for an exotic and unknown league. There he lived a real ordeal.

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– How did you come to Venezuelan football?

– My best friend, who wanted to try his luck in Venezuelan soccer, knew a representative from there. He told this agent about me, and he was immediately interested. Although everything that was heard in that country was negative, I saw it as an opportunity for my career.

How did you join FC Angostura?

– The representative offered me to play for four teams in the First Division, but when I got there there was no one interested. According to him, after speaking with the coaches of those clubs, they did not need anyone in my position. Since I was already in Venezuela, I insisted that he get me what was promised and he was close to the coach of FC Angostura, a team that was in the second category. I claimed that it was not what he had promised me, but since I was already there, I accepted. . There I was received by coach Yoimer Segovia, who was very close, a great person. When I spoke with him, he asked me why I didn’t try out for a Primera team, where he had a contact. I accepted, but in that test something very funny happened to me.

– What happened?

– The coach of this team told me that they were missing a nine and asked me if I could play there, I said yes immediately, I didn’t think about it. So, the DT put together a match between the youth team, in which I played, against the squad. And the match I scored six goals! Afterwards, all the players jokingly asked me when I would sign, I just laughed, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Later, when the coach talked to my representative, he told him that they didn’t need forwards and that the players themselves told me that none of them played in attack. After that I returned to the Angostura team.

– Could you find the regularity you were looking for at FC Angostura?

– I was a starter all year, I was super good, I played many games of great intensity.


– How is the level of the First B of Venezuela?

– It is very similar to the one here, with the difference that games are played with 34 degrees and more, so it is very intense. The matches are very fast; but without a doubt, the big difference was the courts. In Chile they take great care of them, there they had fewer resources, they were worse, but nobody argued for that, you could play the same.

– Did they pay you a salary you could live with?

– They paid me millions and millions of Bolívares, they also paid me in dollars. But money is worth nothing there; although at first I could live happily. In the first two months everything was quiet until one day I went to the supermarket and found nothing, there was only bone, there were no cereals. The lines to buy bread were three blocks long and you could only buy one per person. It was very sad to see all that. The foods that an athlete needs were not available and in the worst period I ate only bread for several weeks, I lasted like this until the end of the championship.

– Did you experience any violent situation?

– They assaulted me with firearms in the street. Some guys were on a motorcycle, they got off with guns, and I had to give them everything. The cell phone, clothes, even the shoes. My colleagues warned me not to go out after dark. I, in general, was locked in my apartment.

– Did you experience any other difficult situation?

– When I left Venezuela, I had the flight back to Chile for December 22, 2017, but in the first instance, they suspended the flights and rescheduled them for the 30th of the same month, but they didn’t want to let me leave the country either, because the papers they gave me as a VISA were useless: “You are illegal in the country”, they told me. That is why, with my representative, I left the country by bus and arrived in Chile about seven or eight days later. Despite everything, it was a great experience, because I grew a lot as a person and as a player.