“The only question that should not be asked”: Yamila Reyna’s joke that revealed Good Morning to All

Waiting for María Luisa Godoy and Eduardo Fuentes to assume the leadership of the Good morning to all (TVN), the headlines are Gino Costa and Yamila Reyna, who starred in a comic joke on Friday.

It happens that while they were reviewing iconic New Year’s songs in the morning, the actress at one point thought she had the microphone turned off.

With that idea in mind, he asked producer Leo Jeria if he could already announce that the singer “Kanela” Muñoz, along with Noche de Brujas, would perform at the end of the chapter.

However, according to Página 7, a reporter noticed that his partner’s words were airing, which immediately sparked Yamila’s surprise and, of course, laughter.

—You are listening to what Yamila says! Gino exclaimed.

– Oh no, idiot! she launched.

self criticism

“We have just experienced a serious moment, it is not the last day of the year, so there is the power to get angry,” he commented jokingly. “We had a big surprise, all the media wanted it, the artist and the group of the new year.”

Then he added that “Yamila asks the only question that should not be asked,” and emphasized “the only one.”

A moment later, she apologized and regretted that that fail could tarnish her performance: “I said ‘I’m going to go two weeks in the morning and I’m going to do it well’, but I messed it up at the last moment.”