The omen of the TikTok seer for the duel between Argentina and the Netherlands

The Qatar World Cup 2022 begins to live its final stages, and one of the outstanding matches will be the one that stars Argentina and the Netherlands for the quarterfinals. Given this, there are several characters who claim to have the ability to foretell what will happen, including a seer who has become widely recognized in Tik Tok and that he was highlighted in Argentina.

“Chance or not, he was right on several occasions”, reported the trans-Andean newspaper olé.

It’s about the Peruvian John of Godwho made a new omen and, according to him, the classification of the albiceleste to the semifinals will take place.

During the beginning of the video he is seen throwing some tarot cards while saying: “We see a slightly tired game from the Argentina team. We don’t see it as easy for the Argentina team.” Then, he stated that there will be a first half in which “Netherlands will surprise”, that “he will come out with everything because we see the energy in their favor.”

He also assured that the letters indicate a “close, heart-stopping, very close and very even” game. As a result of this, he stated that there will be a lot of “desperation” on the part of both teams. Finally, according to him, the last two letters confirm a victory for Argentina. “Argentina gives the surprise, is left with the victory over the Netherlands. Argentina goes to the next phase.”