The next Nintendo Switch may not have backwards compatibility

Nintendo plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch in the future, although at the moment it is still not known when. The company leaves some data from time to time about the successor to its successful console. At an investor conference, the firm’s designer has said that they would like there to be exclusive games for the next console.

The next Nintendo Switch may not have backwards compatibility

This means that the new console may not have backwards compatibility with the games on the current console. It is a rumor, but this has not liked many users.

Generate doubts

The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto has raised doubts with these statements. Although on the one hand it is understandable that the successor to the Nintendo Switch is going to have some exclusive or own games, but the fact that the new console does not have compatibility with games from the previous one raises concern. And everything indicates that this could be what happens with the next Nintendo console when it finally hits the market.

As he has said, it’s easier to make modern hardware compatible with consoles that are old. If this is indeed the case, this could mean that many games or none of the games on the original console could be used with the new one. It would be a huge problem for Nintendo, given the vast catalog of games they have built.

The Nintendo Switch could go up in price

On previous company consoles we have already seen that compatibility has not always been maintained. So this is something that could really happen with the successor to the Nintendo Switch. The question is whether or not it will really happen when said console hits the market, but it is a possibility that we must consider at all times.

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