The news that Apple Arcade brings in November

Football Manager 2023 Touch (Sports Interactive) Launching November 8: The hit Football Manager series joins the Apple Arcade lineup. Football Manager 2023 Touch is enhanced for mobile, with faster seasons and a focus on management basics. Don’t build a team, build a dynasty in this unique soccer simulation game that brings players closer to all aspects of the Beautiful Game. Experience the closest thing to being a real soccer club manager by taking charge of the best soccer teams in the world. Players can write their own soccer story and live out their dreams.

SpongeBob SolitairePants (Nickelodeon) Released November 25: Join SpongeBob in a unique version of solitaire, with three fun game modes. Adventure through Quest mode where each level offers new challenges straight from the depths of Bikini Bottom. Players will be presented with a variety of objectives, such as building a Krabby Patty or catching jellyfish, while ensuring that they play their cards correctly. In Classic mode, players are dealt 52 cards with the goal of revealing all the cards by stacking them in sequence. Battle Mode pits players against other players from around the world in real-time matches. Each player races to clear their cards while playing on the same squares, with opportunities to sabotage their opponents. With daily contests and ongoing leaderboards and achievements, players can compete with friends to see who is the best player in town.

The greats of the App Store

Battleheart Legacy+ (Mika Mobile) Launching November 4 – Explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, customize a unique hero, battle hordes of enemies, encounter quirky characters, and uncover the stories of a troubled kingdom in Battleheart Legacy+. This action RPG features a refined real-time combat system and a unique multi-ranking ability with the option to combine classes, allowing for an almost unlimited number of class combinations. Attack enemies with simple taps and unleash well-timed special moves to turn the tide in incredible boss battles that will put any hero to the test.

Old Man’s Journey+(Broken Rules) Released November 18: Old Man’s Journey+ is an introspective puzzle adventure about life’s precious moments, shattered dreams, and changed plans. Rooted in a beautifully sun-kissed, handcrafted world, this award-winning game tells a story of life, loss, reconciliation, and hope. Delightful and thoughtful for meditation, Old Man’s Journey + invites players to immerse themselves in silent and inquisitive puzzles, and discover the stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes from his memories.