The new virtual reality: Metaverse arrived at PAUTA

Some have already begun to mention what the metaverse, this kind of virtual reality that allows interaction. At PAUTA we approached this technology and talked with Caroline Plaza one of the creators of Legal Metaverse.

In Business GUIDELINEof Radio PatternCarolina Plaza, explained the functionality of the new Metaverse technology with Virtual Reality focused on work for lawyers.

The new virtual reality: Metaverse arrived at PAUTA

Carolina Plaza said that “we are in the midst of the evangelization process, I would say. I think it is basically an issue of innovation. Today, I insist, as the industry develops, grows, it will represent a large part of the development of this new economy.

Regarding this new space for lawyers, he added that “we agree that lawyers have to be there. And that they have to know how it works, they have to belong to this world too. And what better in a special world for them”.

To define the Metaverse, Plaza pointed out that “the Metaverse is a virtual space where you can communicate, through some devices. These devices, the grace or the difference that makes virtual reality is the communication with the other”.

“In a virtual reality you only see replicated spaces. Today you interact. That is the big difference between the Metaverse and virtual reality,” he specified.