The new life of Boris Becker: from tennis champion to teacher in prison

Boris Becker He is a tennis legend. During his career reached the top of this sport and obtained 49 titles in fifteen years of professional practice, among which stand out six Grand Slam crowns (two Australian Open, three Wimbledon and one US Open).

However, not everything has been happiness for the German. In 2017 he declared bankruptcy before a British court and in April 2022 he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for hiding almost 3 million euros, in addition to assets and loans.

The sentence shocked the world of tennis and was a severe blow for the former athlete, a situation that was reflected in the words of the judge Deborah Taylorwho at the time criticized Becker’s actions: “You have lost your career and your reputation, as well as your entire estate. It is remarkable that he has shown no sign of repentance or acknowledgment of his guilt.”said the magistrate on the occasion.

“I understand the humiliation that you may have suffered throughout this process, but you have been unable to show any humility”added below.

Currently, he also Novak Djokovic’s former coachspends his days of confinement in the Huntercombe jail in England, a category C prison; namely, of open conditions and made up of criminals from abroad.

However, the first few months in prison were difficult for the former athlete, since he complained about the confinement and the reduced space of his cell for which he was transferred from Wandsworth prisonone of the largest in the United Kingdom, to the site where it is today.

The change was not easy either, since relatives of other inmates complained about an alleged preferential treatment for Becker climbing rapidly in the inner range of the prison, given his job as a sports science class assistant, as well as an instructor of a “special type of yoga and meditation”.

Away from the controversies over his “promotion”, this new panorama would have ostensibly improved the German’s state of mind, which his lawyer recorded at the time, Christian Oliver Moser: “My client is doing well under the circumstances and has been constructively integrated into daily life. He can call on the phone whenever he wants and communicate with the outside world.”indicated the professional, a situation that was later endorsed by the British newspaper The Sun.

Becker won six Grand Slam trophies in his career. Photo: AELTC/Michael Cole.

According to the tabloid Becker spends his time teaching philosophysomething that has not only served him but also other prisoners: “He is one of two instructors who teach ancient Greek philosophy, which encourages followers to live virtuously to help endure life’s misfortunes.”points out the medium.

For its part, a source close to the former best tennis player on the planet confirms that information by indicating that “Boris has gone from mega-stardom to broke recluse in the space of a few years. He is a notable fall from grace and he has been forced to examine almost everything about himself. He is the perfect person to teach this course”he said about it.

In the midst of his teachings, The German hopes to serve at least half of his sentence in prison, a requirement to be eligible for parole.