The new DualSense Edge wireless controller for Playstation 5 will be released in January 2023

Sony company announced the launch wireless controller Dual Sense Edge“the first ultra-customizable controller developed by PlayStation”.

Its availability will be specified worldwide from January 26, although it will have a pre-sale that will start in selected stores on October 25.

Broadly speaking, and as emphasized by Sony itself, the DualSense Edge will have a design based on “high performance” through custom controls adapted to the style of play of each player.

This will be realized through “a variety of hardware and software-based customization options, including button re-mapping, the ability to adjust joystick and trigger sensitivity, options to switch between various control profiles, and a user interface. single user in the control. It also has the comfort and immersive features unique to the DualSense wireless controller, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.”

The joystiq will come in a case that will include the following items:

  • DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard caps
  • 2 high dome caps
  • 2 low dome caps
  • 2 half dome back buttons
  • 2 toggle-type back buttons
  • connector housing
  • transport case