The ‘new Beckham’ disappoints –

A red card for double yellow in just six minutes with an hour to play was yet another chapter in Conor Gallagher’s shaky start at Chelsea. The midfielder is enjoying minutes with Tuchel due to the loss due to injury of important players in that area such as Kovacic or Kanté, but their performance is not good. In fact, he is a long way from the brilliant one he had last season on loan at Crystal Palace and which allowed him to return to Stamford Bridge.

Despite his expulsion, Chelsea won, not without suffering, their game against Leicester: “Proud of the team for fighting until the end and winning with 10. Personally, I want to apologize to my teammates and the fans. I take responsibility for having left them with a huge challenge for almost the entire match”, he said later on Instagram. “Today he is responsible for what he did. Of course, he knows that it was a big mistake. We spoke briefly after the game and things like this can happen”, Tuchel had said before.

The criticisms are well founded and they have found a common denominator when comparing their performances with those of the first David Beckham. The physical resemblance also helps. Beckham’s youthful mistakes now seem to be reproduced in his Chelsea clone.

One of the first to air comparisons between the two was Eden Hazard after winning the Europa League in Baku against Arsenal a few years ago. Gallagher, who was still a young youth academy player at the time, posed with the cup and received that joking message from the Belgian. After loans to Charlton, Swansea, West Brom and Palace, the new Beckham is back at Bridge and does not get rid of problems or criticism.

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