“The mussels have already been taken out of my basket”: the problem suffered by Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra on their return trip to Chile

After leaving to travel around Asia to record the new season of Partners around the worldJorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra suffered an annoying mishap with their return flights to Chile.

Through his social networks, the actor shared a video recounting the experience and revealing the mood at the airport after spending several hours traveling.

“We are here in Sao Paulo, we lost our combination to Santiago because the flight in Frankfurt (Germany) was delayed,” Jorge started saying in the registry.

“30 hours flying and we lose the connection, we don’t know where the suitcases are… Francisco wants…”, he added.

It was then that an angry Pancho Saavedra interrupted, claiming what they were experiencing at the airport. “I am very nervous and very angry. The choros already took them out of the basket, but a while ago, it had never happened to me! ”, Launched the presenter, while the actor laughed.

“I have the Easter gifts there!” added Pancho.

“That’s how it is, it’s serious, we will do everything in our power as far as possible,” the actor concluded in the record.

It is worth mentioning that both finally arrived in Chile and Pancho Saavedra appeared on the screens of Channel 13 with Priscilla Vargas this Saturday morning.

Look the following video: