The most unknown facet of Boris Becker in prison

The life of Boris Becker (54) underwent a radical change due to a fraudulent economic movement in which he had the objective of hiding his funds so as not to face his bankruptcy debts. Thus, the tennis legend was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for this financial ruse and at the moment, he is serving time in the prison of HMP Wandsworthone of the busiest in the entire archipelago.

The German claims to be “comfortable and adapted” in what will be his home in the coming years, as described by his lawyer Oliver Moser. In this time that he has been behind bars, Becker has taken advantage of the activities offered in this prison complex to reduce his sentence through bonuses that are associated with his good behavior for various reasons.

Between them, sports science classes are found taught by the German tennis player to some of his fellow prisoners, in which many of them were unaware of any of the methods to get fit and have healthy habits. In fact, Becker was one of the people who benefited most from this teaching because he lost up to eight kilos in just a few months. “As an athlete, he knows the wins and the losses. He shares his life experience with his fellow prisoners, ”said a close source.

Philosophy as a lifestyle

This is not everything, the youngest player to win Wimbledon is still linked to teaching and this is demonstrated with the stoicism classes addressed to his students and cellmates. The new subject taught by the tennis player is closely related to the essence of what is the philosophy of Ancient Greece which focuses on giving an explanation and solution to the problems that life designs through the theories of consecrated philosophers.

He is the perfect person to teach this course. He is a popular guy. People know he’s been through a lot”, explain sources close to the inmates. In addition, the former German tennis player’s students follow their teacher’s instructions through a series of assignments, where they put all the knowledge acquired in class to the test.