“The most rat”: Guarello shoots Felicevich, Medel, Vidal and Alexis

Gary Medel, Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez are in the controversy. The three players from La Roja, through their representative Fernando Felicevich, refused to appear in a tribute book from the Mineduc. The body itself communicated it in the text.

Juan Cristóbal Guarello, using the screens of Channel 13, criticized the soccer players, but above all the agent of the trio of athletes.

“They did not want to appear in a tribute book for school children, where they celebrate their triumphs,” the communicator pointed out.

“The same Alexis Sánchez who was crying that Chile did not recognize him… And why did the common representative not want them to appear in the book? Because they were going to be humiliated or because they were not paid? he added wryly.

“This is a shame, I’m sorry. They are always crying that the support, that the turncoats, and they want to honor them with beautiful illustrations, in a book by a great writer (Pablo Simonetti) and they ask for money. Did the players know? This is the craziest thing there is.” Guarello closed.