The most played bet of the U: “I’m going to give my best”

The U is betting big on its third participation in the Women’s Copa Libertadores. The blue team pointed to teams from other countries and, in this way, he signed María Martínez Vecca, whom everyone knows as ‘Yaki’ Vecca.

The Paraguayan defense affirms that it feels “super good. It is a very enormous challenge for me to be representing the U. I was watching them before with a lot of adrenaline. In addition, each training session is super dynamic and there is intensity”.

– How did the group receive it and what has Carlos Véliz asked of you?

– Super good. There is a lot of human quality here. The girls are very good, they are very funny and they have welcomed me very well. Véliz asks me for a lot of personality and a lot of security in the passes, in fixing the zone, that the rival forward that I am marking does not turn easily and, in general, that it be strong in the mark.

– Have you seen the U before?

– The truth is that no, but before coming I saw the classic with Universidad Católica that was played at the National Stadium. There were a lot of people and I got on the right track with Rebeca (Fernández), my teammate. We talked, I asked him what the team is like, its virtues, what the coach is like and a little bit of everything.

– What players have caught your attention in this time?

– Carla Guerrero, Paloma López and ‘Chama’, who are quite good. Yanka and Dani Zamora also provide security. Practically all of them play a very important role for the team.

– How did you experience the first games you played?

– With a lot of adrenaline, something that the fans already expected. At club level he had not experienced it. We have played good games and the fans, in general, have been satisfied.

– How do you evaluate the group that played them in the Copa Libertadores and what is the objective?

– Like every group, there are tough teams. Neither is flexible. We are going to work to grow every day, face this phase in a good way to have a great group phase. That is the first objective: to pass the phase and later win the games. God willing, bring the cup here.

– The U in Chile is very prominent. Is it necessary to take safeguards in the glass?

– I think so, but without stopping playing our game or what Véliz wants. I consider that we are very offensive, but we are also very good defensively, an orderly and well-compacted team. Rivals will find it difficult to hurt us.

– Will you continue next year in the U?

– That future is uncertain. I came as a reinforcement for the Copa Libertadores, I’m going to give my best and we’ll see later if we renew or if a better offer comes out.