“The most ordinary, bad class and…”: Luis Sandoval downloaded after the end of Me Late and looked at the “good” side

Behind the abrupt end of beats me (TV+), panelist Luis Sandoval broadcast his downloads a couple of timeswhich have been accompanied by a delicate personal moment.

Now, through his Instagram account, he expressed himself again about the closure of that farandulero space, although from another angle. “Hello my dear friends!” she wrote to his followers. “I wanted to thank the hundreds and hundreds of messages of love that I have received these days!”

“My heart is full of so much love,” he said. “How nice to know that the work that one does with so much effort and dedication has such an effect on the public.”

In between, he added: “I apologize to all those who have not been able to answer, since my phone these days has been flooded with good wishes.”

In the midst of all this turmoil, he continued, “I have been thinking that sometimes it is good that it is cloudy, that it rains torrentially, because later is when the sun appears stronger and more intense than ever.”

“What was done to Daniel (Fuenzalida) and an entire work team is the most ordinary, bad class and unprecedented in the world of television,” he assured with less anesthesia than the driver of the beats me.

His words were accompanied by a photo of his dog “Candy”, “because without a doubt she has been my distraction and my moments of joy, while I think and decree that the best is yet to come.”