The Minecraft 1.20 update advances all its news

Minecraft update 1.20 has revealed all its news in this weekend’s Minecraft Live. We tell you everything here.

In addition to bringing many details about Minecraft Legends, the Minecraft Live 2022 of course could not leave behind the announcements about what is coming to its main game. Mojang has detailed all the news of the update 1.20 from Minecrafta patch with a new version that has sparked complaints for its lack of innovation.

As its creators have explained, the main focus of the news that Minecraft brings with its version 1.20 is facilitate representation and narrative through player creations. For that, they have mainly added 7 new skins of character with outstanding names like Efe, Noor or Sunny.

Skins with which it is sought to give the game more racial diversity, but they are not the only novelty of this patch. When this new version is downloaded, coming in 2023, players will be able to place new hanging signs, use bamboo to build boats, and even create a new type of shelf that can be combined with Redstone.

The most remarkable of all the news of Minecraft 1.20 may be the camel. It’s a new kind of mob which will become mountand on which 2 players can ride.

That’s the highlight coming to the game in 2023, at a date yet to be determined. Soon you will be able to see a preview in beta phase, as well as enjoy a new Collaboration DLC with DC with which Batman content will be added in Minecraft to play with characters like Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin, Batwing or Batman himself to face villains like Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn and others.