The millions waiting in Colo Colo thanks to Solari’s revolution

In eight games played, Pablo Solari has generated a revolution in River Plate. The striker has earned the respect of the Argentine press and the praise of the coaching staff, thanks to his seven conquests. “He is preparing himself to be a better player than he is,” said Marcelo Gallardo this Wednesday night, after former Colo Colo scored a hat trick against Defense and Justice. In Macul they are also happy, because they visualize the income that a future operation could generate.

As reported by AS in July, Blanco y Negro kept 32% of Solari’s pass. In addition to the 20% that had been established at the beginning, the concessionaire exercised a clause that allowed the previous contract with Talleres and bought another 12%. “Yes, we already have 32%”, ratify from the board today.

At River, Solari has an exit clause of around 19.8 million dollars, a figure similar to the sale of Julián Álvarez to Manchester City (20.8 million dollars). In Colo Colo they already estimate amounts for the future: If a club paid the aforementioned figure, Chile would have to receive around 6.4 million dollars.

That amount would be added to the 4.5 million dollars that Colo Colo received for the sale of 60% of the letter. Thus, in the hypothetical case, the negotiation for Solari would become the most successful in the institution’s history.

How the Solari operation was conceived

In the second week of July, River Plate offered 4.2 million dollars for 80% of Solari. However, the management of the ‘Cacique’ presented a counterproposal, and quickly, under pressure to close the transfer market, the Argentine club agreed to pay 5 million dollars for 60% of the letter. Of that figure, 500 thousand dollars were allocated to commissions.

Blanco y Negro accepted because River Plate undertook to pay “everything in cash”, because the negotiation allowed them to keep a percentage of the player and because America’s last proposal from Mexico had been for $3.2 million.

The praise of Marcelo Gallardo

While Colo Colo retains 32% of the card, Solari adapts quickly. After the treble, River’s coach highlighted him: “We saw that he had physical and soccer qualities to play with us. Later, in the day to day, we observe that he is a player with good alternatives, that he can give us solutions and that he is very willing to learn. And that’s great,” he noted. And in Chile they smile.

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