The magnificent The Invincible features the decorations of the Plain Regis III

After having presented a very beautiful gameplay sequence last June, The Invincible from the Polish studio Starward Industries returns with a new video that shows all the diversity of landscapes that the planet Regis III offers. We will forget about the dangers that lie in wait for our adventure, scheduled for the year 2023.

Announced in 2022 for a release originally scheduled for the following year, The Invincible has already been revived twice since its announcement. The title imagined by Marek Markuszewski and his studio Starward Industries, made up of former developers who have worked with CD Projekt Red and within the Bloober Team, must finally It will arrive on our consoles in 2023.

After you have done the test a truly impressive gameplay video During the last E3, which will be held at the end of June, the publisher 11 bit Studios has presented this time an atypical trailer that allows us to discover the settings of the planet Regis III with the help of a drone, finally victim of a small technical nugget, while none of the donations made present threats to man.

On rappelling that The Invincible is inspired by a book by the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, and takes us on an adventure of space conquest just as we imagined it in the 60s.