“The magic of television”: Repenning laughed out loud in Your Day by revealing a funny anecdote of Priscilla Vargas

This Monday morning in the morning Your daydrivers José Luis Repenning and Priscilla Vargas spoke with a diving instructor from Quinteros.

It was then that the driver threw his partner into the water and revealed a funny -and unknown- anecdote of Priscilla when she should have made a note on the subject.

“Can I tell you a story? Priscilla Carolina Vargas, who is next to me, made a note once, that she had to show a summer note and she had to show that one of the activities was diving, ”she began by pointing out.

Despite the protests of the driver, who asked her to shut up and not tell the embarrassing story, Repe remained the same.

“As he is terrified of diving, he put on his suit and got into the water ‘now we are going to dive’. And she came out (and said) ‘it’s been a really spectacular experience’. She never dived. That’s how afraid he is of him, ”she continued recounting between laughs.

Priscilla, who could not contain her laughter, commented that it was “the magic of television”.

“But it is because it was a note, I could edit it. I told him ‘kids, I really can’t do this diving activity’”, explained Priscilla.

Then she said that with the cameraman they agreed that she was going to get dressed, go into the water and then she would pretend that she was diving to make the note. “I get in, direct cut, images of the sea, images, images and then I came out. ‘Incredible, I recommend them,’” explained Priscilla.