“The love we both have for each other, you and I know it’s true”: Paola Troncoso moved with special words for Miguelito

The actress Paola Troncoso moved her followers after sharing a special photo with Hans Christian Malpartida, better known as Miguelito, dedicating emotional words to him.

Through her Instagram account, the former MCC published the record, sharing a special message for her colleague and friend with whom she works on the series Paola and Miguelito, where she personifies her mother.

“Working with you has been one of the best things I have experienced in my career. And although there are people who find it difficult to understand how great the affection that we both have for each other, you and I know that it is true and that is the only thing that matters … ”, she pointed out.

“That child appears with me”

“I love the way you take care of me, how you worry about me when I’m in poor health, when in the middle of rehearsals you only come up to me to give me a kiss or hold my hand, when you snuggle up so that I can hug you. give away as if you were a real child, ”he reflected.

“You are an adult, we all know that, but with me that child appears that you still carry inside just like everyone else. I am proud of everything you have learned and grown as an actor. I love you Miguelito !!!”, she added receiving affectionate messages.

Check out the message below: