“The love and desire to work together is intact”: Dayana Amigo opened up about the return of Married with Children to TV

The actress Dayana Amigo surprised after revealing new details of the return of married with children to the screen 15 years after its last broadcast.

The actress who gave life to “Titi” will return together with “Nacho”, “Kena” and “Tito” with new adventures in Mega. Topic she referred to in conversation with publimeter where he revealed how the expected reunion of the fun sitcom that caused a furore years ago was like.

“There is a physical part, the clothes, the makeup, the hair. This series works a lot from the contribution that one can make in terms of the text and the characters themselves, ”she pointed out about the challenges of interpreting Titi again several years later, recalling her beginnings on TV.

“It was an impressive learning experience because nobody teaches you how to make people laugh. There is no pattern, it’s just work and gaining experience. Putting comedy into it with how complex everything is today… one can no longer laugh at anything, and that to us, as a group, seems perfect to us, “said Amigo.

The expected reunion

“In that we have been super professionals, to find that point that is respectful and in line with today’s times, but without losing comedy,” he reflected, revealing how the reunion was with Fernando Larraín, Javiera Contador, Fernando Godoy, Carmen Gloria Bresky and Marcial Tagle on set.

“Emotional, exciting and rare; a mixture of sensations… our dynamics and our energy remain exactly the same, nothing has changed… The love and desire to work together is intact”, she assured.

“What is happening is very genuine and we hope that this will cross the screen again like the first time,” added Dayana Amigo, revealing her excitement for the return of the program.