The long and questioned silence of Michael Clark, the hidden president, at the worst moment of the U: “He does not show his face and he must do it”

University of Chile falls against Catholic University. The blues lose a classic again, although the most worrying thing for their fans, apart from the discredit of being diminished against another of their traditional rivals, is the position that Diego López’s team occupies in the standings. The numbers are cold: the U is fourteenth with 22 units, just one point over Deportes La Serena, the first of the teams that is in the direct relegation zone. From the colista, Coquimbo Unido, they are separated by just three. The ghost that has haunted them in recent years reappears. The National Stadium explodes. The fans sing against Azul Azul, although The worst thing is that the most exalted attack those in charge of guarding security and, finally, they invade the field of play, leaving images that evoke what happened in October of last year in Rancagua. There were robberies and assaults on players from both teams and the invasion of the Memorial of the Detained-Disappeared. The lack of control can translate into severe sanctions: Judge Julio Bascuñán’s report considers the details of the excesses and now it is the Disciplinary Court of the ANFP that has in its hands to apply harsh sanctions. The possible punishments include fines and a specific possibility: that the laity face the final stretch of the National Championship without being able to receive an audience, an element that, theoretically, always played in his favor. And the one they had worked so hard for.

Let’s see if they realize that nobody wants them”, resounds in the main coliseum of the main sports arena in the country. It is the reproducible part of a song that includes a thick insult directed towards the head of Azul Azulheaded by michael clark. The fans demand explanations for the acute moment of the club. It’s not the first time they’ve done it. The demonstrations have taken place in each of the stadiums that the laity toured before returning to Ñuñoa and have also become evident in the Centro Deportivo Azul, the venue that the club maintains in La Cisterna. Not always, yes, in the most advisable way. In fact, this time the club condemned them. They sing to leaders they virtually do not know.

The paradox is that it is while the National was abuzz Clark wasn’t even in the stands.. Due to security provisions, the top lay leader left the premises about ten minutes before the end of the meeting.

The disappointment of the U in the university classic (Photo: Agenciauno)

If few secular fans retain Clark’s image, those who remember his voice must be fewer and fewer. Even the journalists who cover the lay club find the exercise complex: the last time the leader passed through the student press room was for the presentation of Diego López as the new coach of the first university team, on June 6 . Namely, 84 days have passed since the highest authority of the institution was heard for the last time. On that occasion, by the way, the boss had to face another critical moment: he had to explain the problems that arose due to the lack of an ambulance in the women’s Superclassic. And he also addressed the possibility of reinforcing the squad. “When we started this route, we said that we would make a responsible and professional administration (…). We are going to invest as much as possible within reality and what the club can do. We cannot endanger the stability of the club. We believe that we have a healthy group, with positive leadership, that is eager to achieve things (….. Our policy is to be as serious as possible. I don’t think it is good to talk about numbers or names, because it can be very bad for the club”, he emphasized.

Little else is known about the top manager of the student entity. On Wednesdays, and sometimes more days of the week, he attends the CDA to review matters related to the club and to talk with the players and Diego López’s coaching staff, whose fate came to depend on the fate of the U in the duel against Coquimbo Unido, which now acquires final characteristics. If he loses it, the Uruguayan’s cycle will be virtually sentenced. In fact, in a sector of the Azul Azul table there is already a name that is beginning to gain relevance: there are those who advocate the idea of ​​passing the team to Sebastián Miranda, who took over temporarily between the departure of Santiago Escobar and the arrival of López. His good relationship with the squad and, above all, the knowledge he has of the squad make him a viable option in the face of the acute moment. Those who promote it the most are the directors who have shown discrepancies with Clar’s administrationk. Of course, in La Cisterna nobody wants to put themselves in the situation. Mainly, because of the risk involved.

This Sunday, the club issued a statement to condemn the acts of violence that tarnished the Clásico Universitario. And also to apologize for the poor performance of the team, in a letter that goes without a signature. “We apologize to our fans for the bad time they experienced at the National Stadium. For the result on the field and for what happened after the end of the match. We accept the reproaches, but we also know that the only way to get out of the bad moment is unity and work”, says the letter.

Fans of Universidad de Chile entered the field of the National Stadium after the defeat against Universidad Católica. (Photo: Agenciauno)

Roberto Reynero, former student captain, presents as an example a situation that implies institutional uprooting. “I came from Chillán to see the classic. We have a corporation of former players. Through WhatsApp we signed up with two tickets to be able to attend the game. And they threw us the yew tree back at the last minute. I traveled 200 kilometers. The companions were our children. And they tell us that they can’t give us 50 tickets. They lowered us to 30. I am very disappointed in how the leadership has acted. This is a sample of how things are being doneyes,” he says.

The diagnosis then becomes more general. “So far Clark hasn’t shown his face and he should.. I don’t know what they came for, what they are for. I played 10 years in the U and It bothers me that in these circumstances that the U is fighting for relegation for the fourth year in a row, no one is able to say anything. Except the president. The fans are absolutely right. They go every Sunday to cheer on the team. They have the right to ask the leaders to show their faces. Perhaps what those who lead the club feel is an enormous shame for what they are doing, for how they are managing it”, he maintains.

Reynero predicts that the problems will continue. “The fans are going to make themselves felt when the Championship resumes. I don’t know how they will manifest. There was already an indication when entering the court and making a scandal”, projects. The former captain of the laity takes aim at a management style that seems distant and alien to him. “Right now there is a debacle aimlessly. They lack that doll that a traditional football manager could have. A month ago they incorporated (Mauricio) Etcheverry, Jadue’s right hand. What are we talking about. We hit the questioned. Nobody has done anything to stop this debacle”, she sentences. And, finally, she compares. “We went down and the U came back and was champion years later. There was a story, the one about ‘we’ll be back’, and we came back. I don’t know what will happen now. I really don’t know”, he insists.

Sandrino Castec agrees. “The U is on fire. For me there is no need to add fuel to this fire. The university has to intervene. It’s sad for the people, from all over the country. They left us aside. They haven’t even invited us to talk to them. I am close to the bar. They have invited me to meetings and I have told them that I would intervene peacefully. They are people who have been linked to the club for 15 years. They are desperate. They respect me and ask me to say what is happening. The problem is that the club is not interested in our opinion. It’s a company”, laments the Bomber.

“There are many details that are happening and that are ending in a complicated outcome. I’m not surprised from them, people linked to the Catholic University, fans of that club. There are people from the U qualified to be working in the club. As it looks, it is difficult. We want conversation, not violence. But if they don’t listen to us, this definitely has to be taken up by the university. There is no other way”, concludes the former striker.

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